Excellent service
and quality
Our hotel is great for traveling with a family or two
Concept and service of the best English class hotels
suite in our comfortable rooms with an attic
and a view of the historical center of Odessa.
Vladimir Kuryanov, Manager

prefer "London"

Hotel London is a high style and impeccable service, an international level of hotel business and a unique format, which organically intertwines southern hospitality, Odessa hospitality and the atmosphere of good old England.

He rightfully enters top 10 best hotels in Odessa, and in 2006 he even received a prestigious award as "The best architectural creation of the year in Ukraine".

Take a walk and enjoy
magical places nearby

Restaurant and Bar

The chic and warm atmosphere, extending to the sun-filled glass atrium, creates an excuse for fine European and Indian cuisine.

We strive to bring every dish to perfection
and stimulate all the senses of every guest
Markin Vadim Borisovich
Restaurant chef

Located in the very heart of Odessa, overlooking Starobazarny Square and Aleksandrovsky Prospect, it is the starting point for exploring the historical past of Odessa, as well as its exciting present. Inside and out, this famous four-star hotel remains the focus of attention as a new chapter begins in its history.