revived in the historical
heart of the city

Luxury and comfort

Our spacious rooms are great for a trip with friends, family or as a couple.

Relax in the atmosphere of an English residence. Panoramic windows add airiness to the interior, and a small French balcony allows you to have a cup of coffee overlooking the park.

Impeccable design on two levels, great ergonomics of space and an authentic London style interior await guests accustomed to a certain level of life.

Gentlemen prefer
hotel "London"

In Foggy Albion, profitable deals are being made, contracts are being signed. 

All this is fully reflected in the peculiarities of the location of the London Hotel in Odessa: Aleksandrovsky Prospect, Uspenskaya Street - from here it is a stone's throw to business centers, offices of leading companies, administrative buildings and communication platforms. 

It seems that it is worth looking out the window to feel the pulse of the city's business life. 

We try to keep up with the times: this is reflected in technical solutions (satellite TV, Wi-Fi, personal climate control, lighting options for each room, electronic security systems), and in the possibility of online hotel booking from anywhere in the world.


Want to stay
at the London Hotel?

37 comfortable rooms with authentic design and different layouts.

You will feel the combination of classic English style, home comfort and Odessa hospitality.

Complete safety of our guests is our guarantee. Separate secure parking, internal security service, modern systems that exclude unforeseen situations. 

Hotel London - when the expression “like behind a stone wall” is not just words.

Three classic cuisines from the hotel restaurant: order European and Indian dishes, try treats with a national flavor.

We are meticulous in the selection of ingredients: we use only natural and farm products, worthy of the table of the Queen of England.

A variety of cultural and sightseeing holidays. We take into account the tastes and wishes of each guest, select and recommend current events, activities or walks in the company of a guide. Even if you have a very busy schedule, we can pleasantly surprise you and offer something special, with a national flavor. 

Family holiday
without fuss and worries

Just one step - and from the bustle of the city you find yourself in the atmosphere of a resort vacation, clean air and coolness. Here acacias rustle in the wind, a public pump room with drinking water murmurs, you can hear sincere laughter from attractions, children's and sports grounds.

Impeccable service and atmosphere of a closed London club for the elite. When hotel booking it is enough to voice your wishes - and we will try to implement them in full. Particular attention is paid to the selection and training of employees: the priority is the comfort of each of our guests. Feel like a British aristocrat in the authentic atmosphere of Foggy Albion.

All this is Starobazarny Square - a city park that attracts different generations of citizens. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel building, therefore to book a hotel "London" can be families with children, senior couples or professional travelers. We are sure that everyone will find a pleasant atmosphere and leisure options here.

To book a hotel in Odessa with luxurious interiors and first-class cuisine, convenient location and within walking distance of historical and tourist attractions, just one call. You can also make a reservation online - on a special page of our website.