Hotel status during COVID-19

Dear guests! Our goal is to make the stay of each Guest as comfortable, cozy and safe as possible. The safety of guests is a priority for us, therefore the hotel strictly adheres and takes all necessary measures to ensure protection during quarantine, namely:


Compliance with distance norms at the reception desk when checking into a hotel, as well as in a restaurant.


The entire hotel is disinfected daily


Dispensers with certified antiseptic agents are installed at the reception desk, as well as at the entrance to the restaurant hall.


The rooms are disinfected before check-in and after check-out using licensed professional products.


When cleaning a room, quartzing is carried out before arrival and after departure.


Breakfast is served on an individual basis, and is made only in the restaurant hall.


We recommend that only two Guests use the elevator at a time


Personnel temperature is checked daily with a non-contact thermometer. If there are signs of a cold, the employee is not allowed to the workplace.


All hotel staff adhere to the mask mode.

You can rest assured that our employees are taking sufficient steps to make you feel safe.

If you feel unwell in the form of a high fever, cough or shortness of breath, please contact the hotel administrator.

We wish you good health and a pleasant time at the London Hotel!